A Family Dentist Answers FAQs About Dental Cleanings

Posted on: June 2, 2020

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You should have your teeth cleaned at the office of your family dentist as often as possible. Dental cleanings should be part of your regular dental exams. Even though you may be busy or even have a fear of going to the dentist, cleanings are vital to your oral health as well as overall well-being. Read on to learn more about the importance of a regular dental cleaning and how often you should see your dentist.

A family dentist answers common questions

Dental checkups usually also include a dental cleaning from either a dental hygienist or dentist. A dentist is a doctor who is trained to care for people’s teeth and gums. A dental hygienist is trained to clean teeth and help people maintain good oral health habits. Dentists can treat people of all ages, but children usually go to pediatric dentists. Pediatric dentists have additional training to focus particularly on dental care for children.


Family dentists provide several different services at once when cleaning the teeth. First, the dentist removes tartar buildup on the teeth. Removing tartar early can prevent it from affecting the tooth and gum health by causing problems like decay or disease. Second, dentists can detect signs of serious health risks like mouth cancer and chronic inflammatory gum disease. The earlier these problems are identified, the more effective treatment will be.

A regular dental cleaning routine is important because of the long-term health benefits. The dental practitioner can evaluate the efficiency of the patient’s personal dental care regimen. The family dentist may then offer suggestions on the most effective ways to practice good oral hygiene at home. Following the dentist’s recommendations will keep the mouth healthy over a long time. Family dentists also get the chance to monitor the condition of possible dental issues. The dental practitioner can then make sure the patient’s oral health problems do not get worse.

Dental cleaning appointments

Most family dentists suggest that people should get their teeth cleaned at least once every six months. This is considered to be a good standard for most people. However, it may not be ideal for everyone. Patients have different needs. It is not practical to recommend the exact same schedule for everyone.

How often a person should see the dentist may be determined based on several risk factors. People with a history of chronic gum disease may be required to visit the family dentist more often than others. Health history, diet and personal dental care regimen can affect a person’s susceptibility to tooth decay. Sometimes, even genetics may play a role in a person’s oral health.


Dental cleanings are not just for ensuring you have a bright smile. They can have a significant impact on your general oral health. Speaking to your family dentist is the most ideal way to figure out how often you should have a dental checkup. If you have any other questions about dental cleanings, talk to your family dentist today.

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