CEREC Crown -No Need for a Tradtional Impression

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A CEREC® dental crown procedure also needs accurate impressions. So does a traditional dental crown procedure. Dental impressions are important in creating restorations, such as crowns. Each person is different from another. Taking dental impressions makes your dental crowns custom-fit for your needs. If you want to know how a CEREC crown procedure is better without traditional impressions, here are the details.

The traditional way

This is a manual method of taking dental impressions. The dentist will first inject a local anesthetic into the area of the tooth. Then, the dentist will shave off about 70% of the tooth. Cleaning the tooth will follow. The patient will not feel the discomfort of this process.

The dentist will start preparing a thick, sticky putty or alginate substance for the dental impression. This substance is elastic. The patient will bite into the alginate, which hardens right away. Then, the dentist will remove the alginate. The mold hardens further after 30 minutes. Then, the dentist will pour the final material for the alginate.

Patients complain about minor discomforts during the traditional dental impressions process. The unsavory taste of the alginate material is a number one complaint. This material has no flavor. It tastes like plain, hard cornstarch mixed with a little plaster. Patients often ask for a sip of mouthwash or water to rinse the taste out.

Another complaint is the gag reflex. This part of taking dental impressions is nerve-racking for most people. A foreign body will be sitting at the back of the mouth for minutes. Patients with strong gag reflex cannot hold this position for long. Sitting up and breathing through the nose can help.

The CEREC way

The sticky way of taking dental impressions has an alternative now. A CEREC crown procedure is a more convenient way to take dental impressions. The patient sits in the treatment chair. Then, the dentist inserts a small, digital intraoral camera into the patient’s mouth. The camera takes several images of the patient’s gums and teeth. This is quick and not messy at all.

CEREC software gathers the images and combines them to create a 3D impression. The digital photos can capture each detail of the tooth. They can even take the measurement of the space between the tooth and the gum. This helps the dentist create a crown that is like a natural tooth.

A CEREC dental crown impression is more accurate than the traditional way of taking a dental impression. An alginate material can acquire a good impression of the patient’s teeth and gums. Even so, a digital impression can provide more intricate details. It can give the dentist a better blueprint of the patient’s mouth.

A CEREC dental impression is easier and more convenient

Traditional dental impressions can be messy and chaotic. Many patients do not like this part of getting restorations. It is a good thing CEREC technology has a better alternative. The use of an intraoral camera is faster, easier, and more accurate. An appointment with your dentist can start your CEREC crown procedure right away.

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