How and Why We Got into Dentistry Pompano Beach

Posted on: February 11, 2017

The team of Nicole Berger D.D.S has come to define what people expect from dentistry Pompano Beach. By offering more of the services that people want and need in an environment that is more convenient and comfortable, getting the oral care that individuals and families require has never been easier. To understand who we are and why we are different, learn a little about how and why we got into dentistry.

Started with a Mission

Once we started looking for a place to start a practice, we quickly noticed that there was a hole in the offerings for dentistry Pompano Beach. People either had to drive too far to get the services they needed, or they had to visit multiple practices and multiple doctors to get all the care they required. We realized that dentistry could be easier and more effective for area residents if we could offer everything people were looking for in one central location. After that revelation, our practice was born.

Dedicated to Service and Care

We got into dentistry in Pompano Beach because we saw an opportunity. But both of the doctors in our practice decided to pursue dentistry after realizing that they had a personal passion for the subject and a drive to improve dentistry for all. The thing that really sets our approach to dentistry apart from the rest is our total commitment to service and care. We take pride in finding innovative and common sense ways to make preserving a healthy smile for life easy for anyone and everyone. After learning about negative experiences with dentistry that people struggled with elsewhere, we decided to start a new kind of practice where the needs of the patient are put front and center.If you are looking for a dentist in Pompano Beach and want to feel confident you’re working with the right team, Berger Dental is here to serve. To make an appointment for a check up and examination or to consult about cosmetic dental options, call us at 945-785-1100.