Denture Implants – 7 Signs You Need Them

Posted on: October 10, 2016

Denture Implants

Denture ImplantsFor both your health and well-being it is important to get denture implants as soon as you need them. Unfortunately, determining when that is can be a real challenge.

Watch out for these seven signs you need Denture Implants

  • One of Your Teeth is Cracked or Broken – There are many ways to fix a problem tooth. But if the extent of the damage is too severe, denture implants are the only option. The cracked or broken tooth is removed, and a replacement one is permanently put in place.
  • You Are Missing One or More Teeth – A missing tooth is hard to overlook and can be a real source of embarrassment. Dental implants can replace one or several missing teeth. Best of all, they look and function just like real teeth.
  • Your Dentures or Partials Fit Loosely – This is a common problem with a simple solution. Denture implants are actually attached to the jaw. That means they do not become loose over time and work correctly whenever you need them to.
  • You are Experiencing Jaw Bone Loss – Dental implants act just like real teeth, including the roots. When they are installed in the jaw, they can prohibit the kind of bone loss that happens with an empty root.
  • Your Face Looks Shrunken – People with removable dentures sometimes have a sunken look to their face. This happens because the jaw bone is deteriorating. Since dental implants prevent this kind of deterioration, they can prevent the shrunken looks as well.
  • Your Teeth Malfunction – If your teeth seem to be causing you problems when you chew or speak, it could indicate a lot of different problems. But if the solution to those problems requires the removal of one or more teeth, you will want to consider getting denture implants.
  • You Have a Tooth Infection – This is one of those problems that often requires tooth extraction. Don’t let fixing the problem ruin your smile. Think about relying on denture implants to fill in the gap.
Denture implants really are an effective, natural-looking, long-term solution. If you suspect that they may be the solution for you, call Berger Dental at 954-785-1100.