Do CEREC® Crowns Look Natural? What You Need to Know Before You Go

Posted on: June 1, 2021

Cerec Dentist Pompano Beach, FL

CEREC® crowns are convenient. Even better, they are just as strong as crowns that take days to fabricate. This brings us to the third quality of CEREC crowns: aesthetics.

Tooth-colored restorations are now the norm, with few patients choosing metallic options. Instead, patients choose ceramic fillings and crowns. To a lesser extent, patients will opt for restorations made of composite resin, which is more affordable.

The success of a dental restoration depends on how well it blends with the rest of the patient’s teeth. Do CEREC crowns have an advantage in this respect? An overview of CEREC systems could give you an idea.

Dental restorations with CEREC

CEREC is a computer-aided manufacture and design system. Its proprietary software creates a 3D model of a patient’s tooth, using a digital scan of the patient’s mouth. The design module of the system allows the dentist to make a digital crown that fits perfectly onto a patient’s prepared tooth.

An important task in the design phase of CEREC crowns is color selection. The dentist will use digital images of the patient’s teeth to select a shade of white that matches the patient’s smile. Here is how a dentist chooses the color of a crown.

Choosing the color of a dental crown with CEREC software

The milling unit of a CEREC system carves dental restorations from sturdy ceramic blocks. These blocks come in a wide range of shades. First, the dentist will use the intraoral scan of the patient’s mouth to pick a ceramic block that most closely matches the color of the patient’s teeth.

While the design software helps, the dentist still needs to have a keen eye for detail. It helps that the patient can offer their input during this phase. If there is still a noticeable mismatch between the ceramic block and the patient’s teeth, the dentist may use stains or varnish to create a closer match.

Making sure the colors match after fabrication

Patients should ask to look at the CEREC crown before the dentist installs it. It is a good idea to evaluate the coloration of the crown under various types of lighting. For example:

  • Under the lights that sit over the dentist’s chair
  • Ambient room lighting
  • Sunlight

It also helps to have a reference to place beside the crown. An image of the patient’s teeth could work. It is easier to spot and correct a mismatch before the installation of the crown. This is the stage where a dentist with skill and an eye for detail would adjust the shade of white with stains and varnishes.

An eye for detail guarantees a good outcome

Our practice offers dental procedures that enhance the esthetic of our patients’ smiles. Our dentist uses their experience to create dental restorations that perfectly match the smiles of every one of their patients.

Reach out to us to find out how our dentist can create the perfect CEREC® crown for your smile. Take advantage of their vast experience and acquire a crown that looks exactly like your old tooth.

Request an appointment here: or call South Florida Smile Spa, Nicole M. Berger, DDS at (954) 395-2419 for an appointment in our Pompano Beach office.

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