Emergency Dentistry — What Can Happen if an Infected Tooth Is Left Untreated?

Posted on: July 1, 2020

emergency dentistry Pompano Beach, FL

Emergency dentistry services are available for your most urgent oral health needs. You may not also be able to make a same-day dental appointment with your general dentist. However, an emergency dental office can see you immediately. You can get quick relief and prevent more serious problems from occurring. You should never put off a visit to this office if you have tooth pain or injuries.

Benefits of going to emergency dentistry

From the time a young child gets their first teeth, regular dental appointments are critical. Dentists recommend that people of all ages come every six months for a cleaning and checkup. Patients can come for treatment as needed, but for the most urgent needs, an emergency dentist is the right solution. These offices can get patients in right away and may not even require an appointment. An emergency dentist has the knowledge and training to handle traumatic injuries to the mouth. This dentist can also save damaged teeth and stop the spread of infections.

Oral infections: increasing pain

Occasional tooth or gum pain may not be a big concern to most people. It is not uncommon to have some sensitivity when eating something cold or hot. However, when there is intense, increasing pain and discomfort, there could be an infection. Putting off a trip to the emergency dentistry office will not likely put an end to these feelings. Without the right treatment, the pain will usually only get worse. It may get to the point where the patient can no longer function properly and perform routine tasks.

Spreading throughout the mouth

An abscessed tooth, or an infection in the pulp or roots, usually starts due to poor oral hygiene. A lack of brushing or flossing will lead to a buildup of decay and bacteria. The infection may start small, affecting a small area of the tooth. The problems will increase without treatment from emergency dentistry professionals. Eventually, the infection can spread to other teeth and into the jaw. The patient may notice swelling or inflammation of the jaws and gums.

Spreading quickly

Left untreated, a tooth infection can affect much more than the patient’s mouth. Eventually, the infection could move into the throat, neck and head. An abscessed tooth can even affect a person’s cardiovascular system. If a dentist at an emergency dentistry office does not drain the abscess and treat the infection, sepsis could develop. This is when an infection spreads throughout the body. It can be life-threatening if a dentist does not treat it effectively and promptly.

Never delay getting help

At first, an infected tooth may be an annoyance, causing some pain and discomfort. Then, the infection could become more painful. You may notice swelling in your mouth. If you do not see someone at an emergency dentistry office, the problem will only become more significant. At the first sign of trouble, call an emergency dentist near you. The team at the office can see you right away to diagnose and treat your condition.

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