How To Find a Dentist Accepting New Patients

How To Find a Dentist Accepting New Patients from South Florida Smile Spa, Nicole M. Berger, DDS in Pompano Beach, FLWhether a patient is new in town or simply trying to find a dentist who is accepting new patients, it is easy to maximize the chance of finding a great provider after looking in the right places. Strategies can include using the word-of-mouth approach, utilizing a dental database to find a licensed dentist, or simply performing searches on the internet and reading social media reviews to find a good match.

3 ways to find a local dentist who is accepting new patients

Patients will not want to have a gap in care after moving to a new location. Those who are new to the area — as well as those who wish to switch dentists locally — should use caution when searching online and even asking around. Patients do not want to be stuck in a cycle of always seeing a new provider at the next routine care visit. Make a list of what the family needs, and when evaluating practitioners, make sure these professionals meet your specifications before setting an appointment.

1. Ask local friends and family

This tip can apply to those who are new to the area as well as those switching providers. Perhaps work colleagues all visit the same highly rated dentist, or maybe a cousin in your new city trusts a provider on the other side of town. Word-of-mouth referrals, even in the digital age, are one of the most common ways to find the perfect dental practice.

2. Search a dental directory

The American Dental Association maintains records of licensed dentists throughout the country. A simple search for dentists within a radius of a specific ZIP code can provide patients with the dentist’s location, the practice’s distance from the patient’s home or work, and the dentist’s contact information. This directory also designates whether a specific dentist or practice treats adults, children, or both. Patients can call to inquire whether the dentist is currently accepting new patients or visit a practice’s website for more information.

3. Read reviews carefully

Patients who have narrowed down a search to one or two prospective providers can use the internet to find social media pages, practice reviews, and patient comments about the service quality. These reviews may not be entirely accurate, but numerous five-star ratings about a practice speak volumes about the quality of the dentist's services.

What to do in emergency situations

Patients who suffer from dental emergencies need to find a dentist more quickly than the average person. These people can take advantage of emergency walk-in services or call a local practice that offers off-hours services to new patients in case of emergencies. Utilizing the internet to locate a local dental provider with an emergency line is often the ideal option in this case.

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Every patient should strive to find a dentist whose personality, treatment style, and office hours match the patient’s expectations. Call or visit the office before making an appointment, and make sure to ask questions about the practice as well as how the dentist can meet your individual oral health concerns.

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