Good Dental Habits to Maintain a Teeth Whitening Smile Makeover

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Unsightly and discolored teeth can be an embarrassment, but a teeth whitening smile makeover can completely change the look of the teeth and a smile. Individuals can use teeth whitening as a way to restore a beautiful shine to the teeth, but if good oral habits are not maintained, the results from the treatment can fade. Teeth whitening aftercare makes a difference in helping a smile continue to look bright.

Establish good oral hygiene habits

Teeth whitening treatments do not change the composition of the teeth. The original tooth remains unchanged apart from any polishing done to remove built-on plaque and the bleaching done to achieve the desired shade of white. This leads to the need for good oral hygiene habits to preserve the results.

Follow basic aftercare tips

In the days immediately following a whitening procedure, individuals should avoid drinks and foods that could cause staining. This also means avoiding tobacco or cigarette products, as these can also stain the teeth or leave marks. A professional smile makeover can cause the teeth to become more porous than its natural state, and this condition makes it easier for staining to occur. Try to avoid things like red wine, berries, sauces, soda, tea, coffee, or tomato-based products for at least a week to preserve the color.

Brush thoroughly

Having the teeth whitened does not offer protection against concerns of plaque or cavities. It is important to establish a habit of brushing the teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each session. Bacteria and food particles can lodge between or on the teeth and cause decay, but thorough brushing can keep them from sitting on the teeth and causing staining. A clean, white smile can be be a good motivation to continue with good oral hygiene habits.

Taking a moment to brush the teeth immediately after finishing a meal or snack clears away potential stains more quickly. This may not always be possible, so otherwise try to make it a point to thoroughly rinse the mouth with water after eating foods that could stain the teeth.

Use a whitening toothpaste

As the teeth can be more porous and sensitive for the first few weeks following a whitening treatment, it is not recommended to use another whitening product until any sensitivity goes away. After that, using a whitening toothpaste can help maintain the bright, white color for a longer length of time compared to other toothpaste options.

Avoid bad habits

Smoking is a habit that can stain the teeth quickly, making quitting the habit a great goal for keeping the results of a whitening treatment. Frequency of consuming foods and drinks that stain also impact how long the white color remains. Sipping products that stain the teeth through a straw is one way to help reduce the potential discoloration.


To preserve the clean, white results from a smile makeover, be sure to follow good oral hygiene. Maintain routine brushing habits and avoid bad habits like smoking or constantly indulging in foods or drinks that stain teeth.

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