How Long Will a Dental Filling Last?

Posted on: April 1, 2021

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A dental filling is a form of tooth restoration that corrects cavities. The enamel of teeth is the first layer of protection. Once bacteria proliferate, plaque and tartar form. Eventually, cavities form. To prevent cavities from getting worse, dentists apply fillings. If you are going to have fillings soon, here is some inside information on the longevity of these restorations.

Fillings with the shortest life span

Composite fillings have the shortest life span among all known fillings. With regular checkups and proper care, these fillings can last for at least 10 years. These fillings are tooth-colored and blend well with surrounding natural teeth. Composite fillings form a chemical bond with the patient’s natural teeth, providing more support to the teeth. These dental fillings are almost as durable as amalgam fillings when placed in the patient’s back teeth.

Dentists also use composite fillings for restoring broken teeth. These fillings are moldable, capable of restoring the shape of damaged teeth. All it takes is some skill and creativity on the part of the dentist. In no time, patients with chipped, cracked, or fractured teeth can regain their structure and aesthetic quality.

Fillings with a medium life span

Silver amalgams are strong and common fillings. These fillings can take repetitive chewing pressure for at least 10 years. Amalgam fillings are affordable, as well. Dentists use these dental fillings on the back teeth. Because amalgam does not blend with natural teeth, patients want them hidden. There are also times when the neighboring teeth can discolor, fracture, or crack.

Young children are usually good patients for amalgam fillings. Kids need these fillings to stop gaps as the milk teeth fall out and permanent teeth start to erupt. When the kids grow older, dentists can remove the fillings and have tooth-colored composite resin put in. By then, they will have inconspicuous fillings.

Fillings with the longest life span

Glass ionomer, ceramic, and gold fillings last the longest. Glass ionomer dental filling are made of glass and acrylic. This type of filling goes below the patient’s gumline and is durable. Glass ionomer fillings release fluoride gradually. Because a glass ionomer filling is made of acrylic and glass, dentists do not use it on chewing surfaces. Although this dental filling is not as durable as other fillings, it can last for up to 15 years.

Ceramic fillings are more expensive than gold ones. That is why these fillings are not common. A ceramic filling is very durable because it is made from porcelain. With proper care, this type of filling can last for at least 15 years.

Gold dental fillings are strong and last for at least two decades. Durability is the main advantage of these fillings. Yet, when it comes to aesthetics, gold fillings are not that ideal. A gold dental filling is noticeable. While some people like to show these fillings off, others want to hide them in the back of the mouth.

Some patients prefer a dental filling that lasts extremely long

Many patients want to have fillings that last for decades. Having one that has a long life span can protect your tooth for years. Although expensive, gold, ceramic, and glass can provide this kind of dental stability. With proper care and an experienced dentist who can install your dental filling the right way, you can have a long-lasting dental filling.

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