Kor Teeth Whitening

Posted on: November 13, 2015

Kor Teeth Whitening Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach

Kor Teeth Whitening The KÖR® Teeth Whitening system gives dentists the flexibility and technologically-advanced solutions they need to meet the needs of their patients. As professionals who are intimately familiar with your teeth, your dentist knows how important it is to you for your teeth to be white. The first step in addressing this issue is determining the reasons for the discoloration of your teeth.

How Your Teeth Become Stained

By using the KÖR® Teeth Whitening system, your dentist is able to finally and effectively close the gap between the promise of white teeth and the reality of delivering them. In essence, the discoloration that dental patients experience is due to both stain molecules and the natural pigmentation of teeth that are trapped within the microstructures of their teeth. The more colorization these molecules contain, the darker the appearance of staining on your teeth. This is referred to as intrinsic staining, staining from the inside of the tooth, ie; tetracycline staining. This is the most challenging type of stain to whiten.

Kor Teeth Whitening Peroxide Gels | Safe and Effective

Peroxide has long been shown to be an effective — and safe — method of removing these stains. This is why gels containing the substance are so popular. Peroxide gels are much more effective when they contain free radicals — because these free radicals don’t break down when exposed to water — and are also potent. Another key factor is that the tooth’s structures must be exposed to these materials for an adequate amount of time that is sufficient to obtain results. Unfortunately, dilution by saliva greatly reduces the effectiveness of nearly all peroxide based gels. This leads to less than satisfying results for both the dentist and their patients.

KÖR® Teeth Whitening Advantage

The KÖR® Teeth Whitening Advantage System addresses a crucial flaw in the system of peroxide gels that target the discoloration of teeth. Other systems involve trays that are typically filled with a solution of less than seven milligrams of peroxide. Because saliva and other components found within your mouth can easily break down peroxide at the rate of 29 milligrams each minute, it is not difficult to see how these systems can be rendered nearly useless in the mouth. With the KÖR® Teeth Whitening Advantage System, though, their custom trays that have been specially designed to effectively seal out saliva and other materials that are not conducive to the tooth whitening success of the gel. When combined with KÖR® Whitening’s gel formula that is continuously refrigerated (another key factor in KORs whitening success) so that its chemicals are structurally sound, powerful tooth whitening results can be obtained even on the most difficult intrinsic tooth staining.

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