Do You Need an Emergency Dentist?

Posted on: June 7, 2017

Pompano Beach Emergency Dentist

You never expect to need an emergency dentist. However, life throws crazy things at you as well as your teeth. Whether it’s a playful game of touch football or a pesky sesame seed from an everything bagel– the possibilities are as mundane as they are plenty. Often, you need help right away. That’s when you call an emergency dentist. 

Common reasons people seek emergency dental care include:

  • Knocking out a tooth – any time you lose a tooth, you need emergency dental care. You only have a one or two-hour window to reattach a tooth to its socket. Otherwise, you will need a dental implant.
  • Losing a filling – If you lose a filling, you risk further damage to sensitive areas of your teeth. Seek an emergency dentist immediately.
  • Chipping a tooth – This is the most common reason for visiting a dentist of urgency. Whether you chip your tooth on a bite of food or in an accident, an emergency dentist can fix it with a crown, bond, or veneer.
  • Inflammation or infection – Even a small amount of food can get stuck in the wrong place, causing an infection in the gums. Infections big and small need medical attention immediately to help prevent sepsis.
  • Breaking a tooth – A broken tooth is like a chipped tooth, only more severe. With a broken tooth, a person feels more discomfort and pain.

Other Reasons To Visit An Emergency Dentist

Your Pompano Beach emergency dentist repairs chips and replaces lost fillings, but there are other reasons to visit. An emergency will fit an appointment into their schedule promptly to help deal with various dental issues. It’s important to find an emergency dentist in Pompano Beach that treats the following symptoms:

You Experience Excessive Sensitivity

If you feel pain eating hot or cold food and drinks, consult an emergency dentist. Additionally, you may also experience sensitivity with sugary confections. For some people, tooth sensitivity means nothing. However, it may be a sign of decay or a cavity.

Your Teeth Ache

If you feel excessive pressure or throbbing against a tooth, your body is telling you something. Feeling achiness in your teeth signals serious issues such as cavities or the need for a root canal. Seek emergency dental care in Pompano Beach immediately.

Your Tongue Is Swollen And In Pain

A hot cup of coffee may scorch your tongue, causing temporary pain. However, if tongue pain or swollenness lasts for an extensive amount of time you need a dentist. Persistent tongue pain signals serious periodontal issues.

Your Gums Bleed

Bleeding gums also signal periodontal problems. Gum disease like gingivitis causes tooth loss. Treated early, you can prevent tooth loss. If your gums bleed for a prolonged period, consult your Pompano Beach emergency dentist.

You Develop Swelling Or Lumps In Your Mouth

If you develop unusual lumps or growths in your mouth, there is a possibility of cancer. While oral cancer is dangerous, it is also preventable. The sooner you visit an emergency dentist to inspect the swelling, the better.

Your Tooth Is Loose

If your teeth wiggle and you’re not dreaming, seek a professional emergency dentist immediately. If trauma does not cause the tooth’s looseness, there may be a problem below the gumline. An emergency dentist X-rays the jaw to inspect the source of your wiggly tooth.

Your Jaw Aches

Several things cause jaw pain in people. The source of jaw pain may be stress or teeth grinding, but it can also result from trauma or injury. Your emergency dentist in Pompano Beach determines what causes your jaw pain and the best course of action for treatment.