Top 7 Fashionable and Popular Teeth Makeovers For 2017

Posted on: June 21, 2017

What is the history of teeth makeovers? What’s fashionable for teeth? What are the most popular procedures in 2017? How did this industry come about? What are some major discoveries that were made along the way? Lets go over some history of teeth makeovers and see what’s popular for 2017.

History of Teeth Makeovers

Teeth makeovers have been around since as early as 5000 BC. Most of the procedures that existed around then were to deal with dental decay and other oral diseases. During 2600 BC, Hesy-Re was the first practitioner to emerge. During the 18th century, Pierre Fauchard, a French surgeon wrote a book describing the practice of dentistry, including basic oral anatomy and function, operative and restorative techniques, and denture construction. Twenty-two years later, Claude Mouton started using a gold crown and post in the root canal. He also recommended using white enameling for gold crowns for appearance. About forty years later, Nicolas Dubois de Chemant received his patent for porcelain teeth. During the 1880’s, tube toothpaste was mass-produced in factories and sold nationwide. Twenty years later this became the norm. In 1938, the nylon toothbrush, the first made with synthetic bristles became available on the market.

1. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular dental makeover procedure people choose by far when thinking about ways to improve their smile. As time goes on, your teeth discolor from the foods or drinks you consume. It’s just life. Coffee and tea are known culprits for discoloring teeth. There are two main options for whitening your teeth. You can make a few appointments to get your teeth whitened. Or, you can get a do-it-yourself teeth whitening kit. Obviously, the second option is cheaper but will take more time and effort on your part.

2. Porcelain Veneers

If teeth whitening doesn’t get you the results you want, due to repeated exposure to teeth-staining food and drinks, porcelain veneers are an alternative dental makeover. Veneers are composed of durable porcelain, and sometimes plastic. Everything is customizable, from the color to the shape. They’re perfect for disguising cracked, chipped, stained, crooked, or gapped teeth. These are custom-made in a lab, so you’ll need to make two visits to your dentist. During your first visit, your dentist will take impressions of your tooth or teeth. Upon your second visit, he’ll buff your tooth and then cement the veneer into place.

3. Composite Bonding

If you can’t afford porcelain veneers and are looking for a way to improve your smile, consider composite bonding. For this procedure, resin, a bonding material, is molded and shaped as desired. Of course, there are various colors of resin, and the color selected will match your tooth. Composite bonding is an affordable procedure that enhances a smile that has cracked, stained or crooked teeth; making is a popular choice for smile makeovers.

4. Braces

Braces are common for younger people. However, adults who never had orthodontic work on their teeth also get them. This dental procedure straightens out your teeth and improves your bite, but can also correct jaw positioning and jaw joint disorders. Your orthodontist bonds bracket made of metal, ceramic, or plastic directly onto your teeth. Then threads wire through the brackets, guiding the teeth into straightening out. After your braces are on, you make multiple visits for tightening your braces. This makes your gums sore for the next day or two. Sometimes flossing your teeth and maintaining your daily oral hygiene can accelerate the process. You can avoid metal braces as invisible braces are now available.

5. Implants

Implants are the best solution if you’re missing a tooth or have a gap. They’re very expensive, but as they say, you get what you pay for. They’re better than bridges because they stimulate your jaw bone and prevent it from losing its form, density, and strength. Implants should last you the rest of your life, although the actual tooth part may need replacement after 10 to 15 years.

6. Gingivitis Contouring

A common concern amongst people striving for a perfect smile is a gummy smile. This happens when there is an excessive amount of gum tissue exposed when smiling. There are a few ways to handle this, including laser treatment, surgical lip repositioning, orthodontics and gingival sculpting. Periodontists, Orthodontists or oral surgeons perform Gingival Contouring procedures. As you can guess, this procedure isn’t cheap and highly individualized.

7. Crowns and Caps

Caps and crowns completely cover a tooth, making the tooth take on its original shape and appearance. They’re ideal for covering a misshapen or discolored tooth, provide protection for a weak tooth, restore the appearance of a broken or worn tooth and can hide fillings and dental implants. Materials such as metal, porcelain, resin, and ceramic compose crowns and caps. Because they cost a pretty penny, dentists usually suggest them only when other procedures won’t cut it. The amount of time it takes to put in a crown varies from dentist to dentist, but some can make it and put them on the same day. The dentist prepares the tooth, makes molds of the tooth, provides you with a temporary crown if it needs to go to a lab, and then puts the permanent crown at a later time. Permanent crowns can have a long life if you maintain them well.Come check out teeth makeovers at Berger Dental.