What Should You Do About a Loose Dental Filling

Posted on: June 15, 2021

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Your dental filling is an effective form of tooth restoration. It can fill and cover the exposed parts of your tooth’s interior and protect it from further infection and damage. A dental filling is strong enough to endure the strains and pressures of grinding and chewing. It mimics the inherent function of a natural tooth. Even so, some variables can weaken and loosen a dental filling. If you want to know what to do when your dental fillings loosen, here are the details.

Setting a dental appointment

Once the patient feels that a dental filling is loose, the patient should set a dental appointment right away. If there is an emergency dentist in the area, the patient should call ahead and then rush over to the emergency dental clinic. Seeing the dentist as soon as possible can seal the loose dental filling. It is the right opportunity to replace the current dental filling with a more durable and permanent dental restoration. A dental onlay can fill the tooth and support its external parts. On the other hand, a dental crown can hold the tooth together and add stability to it.

Cleaning the tooth

In some cases, it may take a day or so before the dentist sees the patient. While waiting, the patient should clean the affected tooth thoroughly. Gentle brushing and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash can delay the onset of bacterial infection. It is ideal for the patient to clean the tooth after every snack or meal.

Dealing with the pain

If there is tooth pain, the patient should place an ice pack on the side of the loose dental filling. The pain could be a result of fragments and food particles that have already entered the cavity. These fragments and particles may be touching the sensitive nerve endings of the tooth’s roots. Keeping the tooth clean can help reduce the pain. The patient can also take over-the-counter pain relievers until the day of the dental appointment.

Blocking the opening

When a dental filling loosens, air, food, drinks, and temperature changes enter the interior of the tooth. Usually, just opening the mouth is enough to trigger tooth sensitivity. Blocking the hole is important. If the dentist cannot see the patient right away, some ortho wax can help close the hole until the dental appointment. This can prevent food, drinks, and air from irritating the tooth’s interior.

Dental cement can also help close the hole for a while. If the patient cannot get dental cement or ortho wax, petroleum jelly can help. It can create a protective barrier inside the tooth. The jelly can also cushion the nerve endings in the root area.

You should contact the dentist right away when your dental filling loosens

A loose dental filling can cause pain and introduce more bacteria into the tooth. You should contact your dentist right away to set an urgent dental appointment. While waiting for your appointment, you should try to protect the tooth from infection and any source of irritation. Once you sit in the treatment chair, ask your dentist to put in a more lasting dental filling.

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