Why CEREC Same Day Crowns Are Made of Ceramic

Posted on: December 9, 2020

Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges Pompano Beach, FL

Dental crowns like same day crowns fit over your whole tooth. They might be used to reinforce a tooth that is highly damaged or very decayed. A crown might also cover an implant and can be a good option if you have had a root canal. Keep reading to find out what same day crowns are and why they are often ceramic.

About same day crowns

In past years, crowns had to be made with a time-consuming process. It could take many weeks and several dental appointments. The good news is that with advances in today’s technology, the process is now much shorter.

The CEREC® crown can be created in the dental office. Only one visit is required, and the dentist does not need to make a temporary crown. Plus, patients can avoid having impressions, which can be very unpleasant for some people. The patient will also not need to wait to have a crown made in a dental lab in another location. It could take several weeks for it to come back.

But the CEREC crown process uses computerized technology. A digital model of the tooth and the surrounding area will be taken. It is important to take images of the surrounding area, so the crown will allow the patient’s bite to meet. Then the computer will create a 3-D model of everything. This design can go to the machine in the office to make the design.

Why same day crowns are ceramic

When getting same day crowns, patients can expect to receive a ceramic one. The computerized technology will allow the dentist to design it. Then it can be carved out of a block of ceramic. One reason that this material is used is that it can successfully replicate the tooth. The color matches the surrounding teeth easily.

Another reason that ceramic is used for same day crowns is that it is so comfortable. This procedure will not involve creating a temporary crown. Ceramic is easy to make a permanent crown out of. With the traditional process, a temporary crown will have to be worn for some time.

The temporary crown is worn to protect the teeth while the permanent crown is getting made. This is usually made from resin, which is not as sturdy as ceramic. In some cases, the temporary crown does not fit the patient properly. That can make them more uncomfortable. On the other hand, a ceramic crown will usually fit better.

Visit your dentist for same day crowns

There are many advantages to a crown that is made out of ceramic. This kind of material allows you to have a more natural-looking replacement. Plus, these crowns are often more comfortable. Getting a CEREC crown will save you money and time since there are not as many appointments involved. Of course, some patients might not be candidates for same day crowns. For that reason, you should visit a dentist before deciding on the right kind of restoration for you.

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