South Florida Smile Spa,  Nicole M. Berger, DDS


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Actual Patient Reviews
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South Florida Smile Spa, Nicole M. Berger, DDS

Judy Newell

As a person who has spent many hours in the dentist chair over my 69 years; I was thrilled when I met Dr. Nicole Berger just over a year ago. I was about to begin the rebuilding of my upper teeth and replacement of caps that had been in for years. Dr. Berger spent time consulting and educating me on my options and walked me carefully through the process. I have come to know her kindness and caring manner and her absolute insistence on perfection when it comes to work that she, her staff or the lab provides to her patients. I have recommended her to family and friends and know they will be happy with her professional service.
South Florida Smile Spa, Nicole M. Berger, DDS

Steve Salo

They say the third time is the charm. And as far as my dentist is concerned, it is true. For over 40 years I have been a patient at this office and had the pleasure of two excellent dentists. But when Dr. Berger took over this practice I experienced a whole new level of patient care. Going to the dentist was never a highlight of the day for me. But that type of anxiety no longer exists. Dr. Berger has transformed the experience into a pleasure. From the moment you are greeted by Chris, the office manager, you are made to feel at home. The office offers the latest in technology and you can even watch TV as the doctor is working on you. What impresses me the most is that Dr. Berger strives to make sure the visit is a completely painless experience. She goes to extremes to make certain you experience no pain and puts you in a relaxed state of mind. Another positive attribute is her constant communication to explain all of her work and to answer every question. I am glad to have Dr. Berger as my dentist and look forward to another 40 years with this office!
South Florida Smile Spa, Nicole M. Berger, DDS

Frances Donovan

Dr. Berger and her staff are real professionals, her office has the latest equipment, (very important as my last Dentist had pre 1980’s equipment),her waiting room is very clean and modern, they do not keep you waiting, (how many times are you left waiting), she cares about your teeth and your smile, is very patience, (as I am not any easy patient when it comes to pain), and she takes the time to explain every step before she works on my teeth. I have recommended her to several of my friends. You need to see her, I know you will be happy with her and her staff!
South Florida Smile Spa, Nicole M. Berger, DDS

Steve Alaimo

Dr Berger not only improved the health of my teeth ,she improved the appearance greatly.She is definitely the best dentist I ever had work on my teeth.
South Florida Smile Spa, Nicole M. Berger, DDS

Sybelle D’Marco

I feel very confident going to Dr. Berger’s office; she is very professional, her office is impeccable and her staff is very courteous and well trained. Before meeting her, I had many bad experiences going to dentists; got many quotes of thousands of dollars of not necessary work; when I go to Dr. Berger I am sure that I will be well taken care of and that the work I am getting done is exactly what I need.
South Florida Smile Spa, Nicole M. Berger, DDS

Hattie Burmon

I am writing this letter to tell everyone about my experience with Dr . Nicole Berger. I was a faithful dental patient for over 30 years however, I had extreme fear of dental surgery. Upon my first visit with Dr. Berger, she made me feel completely comfortable that total dental reconstructive surgery and implants would improve my dental health. After pondering for months, I finally decided to undergo surgery with Dr. Berger. From my first two years ago through my last visit, just two weeks ago, I have never felt more confident in my smile. After years of weak and cracked teeth, I finally have the “Hollywood Smile” I’ve always wanted. I just want to thank Dr. Berger for her patience and understanding throughout the process of reclaiming my smile, my confidence, and most importantly my dental health.
South Florida Smile Spa, Nicole M. Berger, DDS

Gwen Alyssa Gaydos

I thought I had a great dentist…. until I went to Dr. Berger that is. I was so impressed with my results! She is kind, extremely thorough in her exam, and her attention to detail is impeccable. In my case, Dr. Berger found a cavity in one of my teeth BEFORE it showed up on an X-ray. Therefore, preventing a potential root canal. This type of detail is one that saves time, money, and pain! How valuable. All of Dr. Berger’s staff is extremely polite and helpful and put me at ease immediately. I also had some cosmetic work done on my upper front teeth. Being a professional model and somewhat of a perfectionist myself, I was slightly anxious to see what the results would yield. After the resurfacing and shaping was complete, I was elated. I had never seen my teeth look so amazing! My previous dentist never even offered this type of service, and it has made a huge difference in my smile. After that positive experience, I decided to have my teeth whitened with the zoom. That was spectacular. I am thrilled and now tell everyone about my awesome experience with Dr. Berger. She is a true professional who takes pride in her work, and she is an excellent dentist.