Can a Cosmetic Dentist Place Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns Pompano Beach, FL

Dental crowns are effective dental restorations. A cosmetic dentist can use these caps to help patients achieve brighter, oral healthier smiles. Crowns can help transform dental and general oral health. If you want to know if a cosmetic dentist can place dental crowns, here are the details.

For large fillings and misshapen teeth

A cosmetic dentist can use dental crowns for cosmetic reasons. These restorations can help a patient with functional and medical purposes as well. A patient with misshapen teeth can get dental crowns for dental symmetry and shape correction. Caps can hide old fillings. These dental fillings are weak and discolored. Crowns can provide a smooth, durable case for the affected teeth.

For creating structural endurance

A tooth with severe decay or damage is weak. It is prone to chipping, fracturing, shattering, or splitting. Dental crowns are either metal or porcelain. The cosmetic dentist will bond a dental crown to a prepared tooth. Placing this permanent dental restoration will give durability to the tooth.

Dental crowns can protect teeth with significant damage or decay. The cosmetic dentist can bond the crowns to the affected teeth. The restorations can last for at least 10 years with proper care and maintenance. Crowns can come in the color of the patient’s natural teeth. This makes the new caps blend well with the rest of the dentition.

For supporting root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is for patients whose dental damage has reached the dental pulp. Infection gathers in the pulp. Pain becomes unbearable for the patient. The cosmetic dentist will take out the infected pulp, clean the space, and disinfect it. After that, the dentist will dry the space and fill it with gutta-percha.

The tooth will remain weak despite the gutta-percha. That is why the cosmetic dentist will use dental crowns to cover the treated teeth. A cap will act as a brace to hold the tooth together. It will prevent the remaining natural tooth structure from shattering. A crown will also shield the tooth from future damage or decay.

For restoring teeth with dental implants

Dental implants are the most stable replacements for missing teeth. Unlike removable dentures, titanium rods fuse with the jawbone and gum tissue below the gumline. A dental crown replaces the missing tooth above the gumline. The titanium rods and abutment provide optimal support for the dental crown.

Implants act like natural teeth with roots. The titanium rods stay put in the jawbone, prompting the body to send nutrients for tissue repair and cell growth. The patient regains natural-looking, durable teeth with security while eating, laughing, smiling, and speaking. The cosmetic dentist can fulfill the patient’s structural, functional, and cosmetic goals.

For installing dental bridges

A cosmetic dentist can also use dental crowns for installing dental bridges. The opposite sides of a dental gap will have dental crowns to support the artificial tooth to fill that gap. Dental bridges are non-removable restorations. These are stable tooth restorations for both form and function.

Dental crowns can help a cosmetic dentist provide functional and aesthetic benefits

Your cosmetic dentist aims to improve the appearance of your mouth by enhancing your teeth and gums. Dental restorations with dental crowns can improve the function of your teeth as well. Caps can protect treated teeth and replace missing teeth. It may take some time to complete these restorations, but the results have stability and aesthetic rewards.

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