How Cosmetic Dental Procedures will Help You Give Thanks to Your Mouth

Posted on: November 9, 2016

cosmetic dental proceduresCosmetic Dental Procedures

Our eyes are the gateway to our soul, but our mouth is the gateway to the rest of our body. That’s why, during this holiday season of “giving thanks,” we here at Berger Dental are thankful for the cosmetic dental procedures that can help you give thanks to all the amazing things your mouth can do. Let’s take a look at how some cosmetic dental procedures can help you get the mouth you’ve always wanted, and give you better oral health. 

Berger Dental’s Cosmetic Dental Procedures Will Get You Better Oral Health!

Even though our cosmetic dental procedures will give you a much-needed boost in self-esteem – bet you never thought your teeth could look that good! – they’ll also help you get better oral health. No matter if you simply need a few caps on your teeth, or if you need porcelain veneers, or if you need a whole mouth full of dental implants, our cosmetic dental procedures will help improve both your overall health and your oral health.For example:
  1. Dental Bonding: this is probably one of the simplest procedures to do on your mouth, and merely involves putting a bonding adhesive on your teeth to make them stronger. This will help restore cracked, chipped, or broken teeth, and is a good idea if you only have one or two teeth that need repair.
  2. Gum Procedures: most people ignore the gums when it comes to their oral health, but good gum health is essential for good dental health. Failure to take good care of your gums can lead to a variety of maladies, including diabetes, heart disease (eventually leading to a heart attack), stroke, and even Alzheimer’s. Talk to us at Berger Dental to see how we can help you maintain good gum health in tandem with your good oral health.
  3. Full Mouth Procedures: this is the most drastic of all procedures, and can come from a variety of factors, including erosion of the bone in the tooth due to acid reflux, age, or disease. Sometimes, too, a trauma to your mouth (such as a fall, an accident, or a fight) can cause your teeth to get knocked out, resulting in the need for full mouth reconstruction. No matter how extensive the damage suffered to your mouth, talk to us at Berger Dental to see how we can help you get better oral health.

Contact Berger Dental for All Your Cosmetic Dental Procedures!

Berger Dental is thankful to serve all of South Florida, as it has for the past two decades. For more information about our wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures, contact us today, and we hope you all have a safe, happy, healthy holiday season, with much to be thankful for!