Why Get Juvéderm® from a Dentist?

Juvederm Pompano Beach, FL

The use of the dermal filler Juvéderm® is getting increasingly popular. Continue reading to find out why you should visit the dentist for Juvéderm. If you are looking for a means to get rid of your wrinkles, crow’s feet, or laugh lines, a range of treatments are available that are less intrusive than surgery and more pleasant than chemical peels.

Can a dentist administer Juvéderm?

In recent years, wrinkle treatments have grown in popularity, with various dermal fillers entering the mainstream market. Fillers that target particular regions such as the cheeks, lips, crow’s feet, and laugh lines are now available thanks to advances in science.

Previously, these challenges were dealt with using far more invasive approaches. Although facelifts and chemical peels remain alternatives to consider, many patients prefer the convenience and comfort of a fast injection. A dentist may generally complete one injection session with dermal fillers in about an hour and the recovery time is short. The effects are nearly instantaneous and often last for more than a year.

Some people wish to improve the appearance of their lips or cheeks, while others seek to eliminate crow’s feet or marionette lines. There is no right or wrong reason to seek dermal filler therapy, so it is better to visit the dentist for a discussion.

An alternative to Botox

Juvéderm treatment may appeal to people who have undergone alternative injectable methods in the past. Patients may question whether their Botox treatments are no longer producing the same level of results. This might lead them to consider alternative possibilities to achieve their specific objectives. While the various Juvéderm formulas are meant to target distinct regions of the face and address specific issues, all treatments aim to restore volume to face contours and fill fine lines and wrinkles.

Volume increase

As people grow older, their skin volume naturally reduces. This might be restricted to small changes, but changing facial forms can entirely transform one’s look. For those who have thinning skin that makes their cheeks look haggard or prominent, a dermal filler or injection may be an excellent option.

Remove wrinkles

There is no need to cope with lines and wrinkles because they are a natural part of aging skin. Cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers can smooth the appearance of tiny lines and wrinkles and fill deep creases and lines on the face.

This includes significant nasolabial folds and laugh lines, which have been effectively treated with collagen-boosting fillers. Fillers can also be used to address marionette lines that have suddenly emerged or grown more apparent.

Plump and fuller lips

Patients who are concerned about thinning lips can try cosmetic injectables. Juvéderm can make the lips look plump, bigger and younger, and aid in eliminating or diminishing fine lines and feathering around the mouth. Get rid of lipstick lines and feathering makeup in favor of plumper, younger-looking lips.

In summary

The effects of aging might lead to a loss of confidence for many people. Juvéderm, on the other hand, is an effective and long-lasting treatment option. Contact our dental office today to learn more about the procedure.

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