9 Signs You Need Dental Implant Surgery

Posted on: March 10, 2017

You know you need to seek out a dentist in Pompano Beach at least twice a year for cleanings and checkups. But you may not know when additional medical attention is necessary. That is a big problem because it could mean that small problems are turning into big ones. You are also living with unnecessary pain or discomfort. When you experience this, it is time to consider dental implant surgery.

Signs You Need Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery is a way to correct a wide range of oral health issues. And it is an option for a number of patients eager to improve both the health and appearance of their smile. If you have major issues and are looking for a lasting solution, look for these 9 signs that you need dental implant surgery.

1 – You Have One or More Missing Teeth

Dental implant surgery is basically a way to implant an artificial tooth. The tooth looks natural and is held securely into place so that it functions exactly like you would expect a normal tooth to function. That is why dental implant surgery is an ideal option for anyone who has one or more missing teeth. Once the implant is in place, the gap in our smile is filled and no one can detect that you have an artificial tooth. It is the long-term solution to one of the most frustrating problems a smile can undergo.

2 – You Struggle with Loose Dentures

Dental implant surgery is designed to do many of the same things as dentures, only better. If you currently wear dentures, you have probably struggled with an annoying loose fit. Even if you visit a dentist in Pompano Beach, it may not be possible to get the tight, secure fit you really want. Relying on dental implant instead is the simple solution. Once they are in place it is next to impossible for them to come loose.

3 – You Have an Infected Tooth

If you have an infected tooth, you need to seek out an emergency dentist sooner rather than later. There are a number of ways to treat the infection, but if it severe enough, pulling the tooth is the only option. That means you will soon have a big gap in your smile. Dental implant surgery can effectively fill in that gap so that you don’t have to feel embarrassed, self conscious, or hesitant to get the care that you teeth and gums require.

4 – You Have a Loose Bridge

A loose bridge can be just as annoying as a loose set of dentures. Not only is this annoying, it can also make it hard to chew, encourage bacterial growth, and create discomfort. The first step is to see a dentist in Pompano Beach to investigate the problem. But if you are looking for a permanent solution, dental implant surgery put strong, full-sized artificial teeth in places where you now only have a bridge.

5 – Your Face Has a Sunken Appearance

An overlooked side effect of dentures is that they can cause your face to look sunken in. That is because dentures do not stimulate the jaw bone. Over time, the bone begins to deteriorate, and is unable to provide the same support to the muscles and skin of the face. Dental implant surgery implants directly into the jaw bone. That stimulates bone growth and prevents your face from developing a hollow look.

6 – You are Sick of Denture Care

Dentures have improved a lot in the last 15 years. Any oral surgeon or dentist in Pompano Beach will tell you that. But they still require a lot of care and maintenance. This includes he application of adhesives and a lot of extra nightly oral care. If you are sick of this process, dental implant surgery is the simple solution. You care for dental implants the same way you care for the rest of your teeth.

7 – You Have a Damaged Tooth

If one of your teeth is cracked or broken, dental implant surgery is one option to consider. Once the damaged tooth has been replaced, it no longer looks unsightly.  There is also no risk of the damage becoming worse. A dentist in Pompano Beach will be able to tell you whether an implant or a crown is the better option.

8 – You Dislike Your Smile

You smile is one of the most important parts of your appearance. But if you have damaged or decayed teeth, or dentures and bridges that do not look natural, you may spend more time than you would like with your lips sealed shut. Dental implant surgery is a way to completely and permanently eliminate major issues. That way you no longer feel embarrassed or self-conscious.If you smile has been recently compromised, you should reach out to an emergency dentist first. But if your issues are less pressing and you think that dental implant surgery may be an option for you, a consultation with a dentist in Pompano Beach is the next step. Contact Berger Dental by calling 954-785-1100.