How a Dentist Can Use Botox for Cosmetic Reasons

Posted on: July 15, 2020

Botox Pompano Beach, FL

Botox® is most widely known as a cosmetic treatment. Dentists use it partly for cosmetic benefits but also to relieve some dental conditions. Botox treatments relax the jaw and reduce damage from tooth-grinding. Besides preventing further damage, it lessens the pressure on toothaches and abscesses.

What is Botox and how is it used?

Botulinum Toxin, known by the trade name Botox, is a popular cosmetic treatment. Administered by accredited medical staff, it is a medicine with no long-term side effects. It is used in minute quantities to effect specific medical and cosmetic aims. Alongside the general cosmetic benefits, it can also relieve some forms of dental pain.

Botox attaches to and affects the nerve endings. By inhibiting nerve signals near the surface of the skin, it acts as a muscle relaxant. Used in the brow and upper parts of the face, it prevents habitual frowning and the formation of wrinkles. In the lower face, it relieves tension in the jaw.

What are the dental benefits of Botox?

Acting on the jaw muscles, Botox relieves habitual bite pressure on the teeth. It can be an effective treatment for tooth-grinding and prevent further damage. Alleviating pressure from the jaw also lessens the pain of toothaches and abscesses. The human jaw exerts great pressure, enough to damage or even crack teeth over time.

Humans work their jaw more than any other muscle group. This includes both chewing and speech. When not doing either, many people habitually grind their teeth anyway. The muscles of the human jaw are thus incredibly strong.

Botox treatments in the jaw lessen the habitual tension of the muscles. Relaxing the jaw muscles takes the pressure off the teeth, reducing further damage from grinding. Tension held in the jaw also shows in a person’s facial expression. They may frequently appear angry or unhappy. As with Botox treatments in the brow, its use in the jaw lessens a habitual frown.

Does Botox have any side effects?

Botox is a temporary treatment. It wears off with no long-lasting effects. While the treatment lasts, there may be loss of sensation near the affected area. This is part of the pain relief and not considered a detrimental side effect. Botox has been used for a long time now for both cosmetic and dental treatments.

Applied by a medical professional, Botox has no notable ill effects. It is even so a medical procedure. Be sure though to consult only accredited medical persons regarding Botox treatments. A dentist is such a professional, able to offer proper medical advice on such procedures. Botox is not a treatment that anyone can administer to themselves or without medical supervision.

Where to get Botox dental cosmetic treatments

Contact your dentist to discuss Botox for cosmetic and dental treatments. Botox can help relieve a range of dental problems, including tooth-grinding and general tooth pain. Cosmetically, it relaxes the person’s facial expression and reduces signs of ageing. Consult your dentist about the options for Botox treatments.

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