What Type of Sleep Apnea Dental Oral Appliance is Right for Me?

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Thinking you need an oral appliance so you can sleep better? When you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you probably learned that this is a potentially serious sleep disorder. It is serious because this disorder is one that causes you to stop and start breathing often throughout the night, which means you are not getting the rest you need to be fully productive.

About oral appliance therapy

Finding out whether an oral appliance will help you is a great idea. Oral appliance therapy is a treatment option for dental patients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. This particular type of therapy is one that involves using oral sleep appliances to help sleep apnea sufferers to breathe easier during the night. While different types of appliances work differently, they all have the same goal – helping patients have an unobstructed airway so they do not have to struggle to breathe.

Types of sleep apnea dental oral appliances

The list below includes information on some of the more common types of sleep apnea dental oral appliances that are being prescribed by dentists nowadays for their patients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD)

Mandibular advancement devices work by moving the jaw forward in order to prevent the airway from being reduced or even completely blocked. By moving the jaw to a forward position, this device also helps to keep that tongue from slipping back and blocking the airway. Sleep apnea sufferers can make an appointment with a dentist in order to have a custom made mandibular advancements device made for them, as this allows the device to work exactly as it is supposed to.

Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS)

Mandibular advancement splints are also known as mandibular splints and mandibular advancement splints. This particular sleep apnea appliance device is one that advance’s the jaw, the tongue and the soft tissues of the mouth. Because this appliance targets all of these areas, it is able to widen up a patient's airway enough to allow for easier breathing.

Mandibular Repositioning Appliances (MRA)

A mandibular repositioning appliance helps to push the jaw and tongue to a forward position to laws to allow for a larger and improved airway. When the airway is made larger, it allows for a better amount of airflow, in turn allowing sleep apnea sufferers a better night’s sleep. This oral appliance is one that must be made by an experienced dental professional, as it is important for it to properly fit a patient's mouth in order for it to work properly.

What type of sleep apnea dental oral appliance is right for you?

Have you decided that an oral appliance is the right treatment option for you? If your case of sleep apnea is mild or moderate, then you may qualify for one or more types of dental oral appliances. Now that you understand more about how appliance therapy works, as well as some of the more common types of oral appliances that are available, ready to take your next step?

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